For those who don’t know, Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Not only is it a tourist destination, it is known to be one of the best shopping destinations in the world as well. Countless people around the world book holiday packages to Dubai when planning their vacation as they are sure to have a fun time in the city. The best part is that, the emirate features the perfect fusion of a modern city and an arid desert.

One of the major reasons why people are so interested in visiting Dubai is that it is safe, hygienic and a country known to be pollution free. There is literally nothing for you to worry about when strolling on the streets of Dubai. The best part is that the emirate is constantly growing and is known to offer everything that can fascinate a holiday maker.

Countless people flock to the country on a yearly basis in order to fulfill their shopping desires. There are countless shopping malls and designer stores for you to choose from. There are different items that you can shop for in these. This includes clothing and accessories, electronic items, bags, jewelry, perfumes traditional carpets and so much more. The best part is that the prices here are comparatively cheaper, which adds to the reasons why, people prefer flying down to Dubai for shopping purposes.

The Arabian cuisine

If you want to taste something different and traditional, then it is highly recommended for you to try out Arabic cuisine. The food in Dubai is delicious to the point that your taste buds will never forget its taste. If anything, you may find yourself tempting for it later on. So when you visit Dubai make sure that you try out some traditional Arabic food.

Major attractions

The beaches and shopping centers in Dubai are major tourist attractions that you must definitely visit during your Dubai trip. The beaches here have a lot to offer to their visitors. For instance, the Palm Beach in Dubai looks like a palm tree. Just so you know it is a manmade beach surrounded by an exquisite body that is sure to fascinate all its visitors. The best part is that visiting Dubai isn’t too expensive as well particularly if you opt for a holiday package. So if you are interested in visiting a country known for its beauty make sure that you plan a trip to Dubai right now.