Cavity symptoms which should never be ignored

Cavity is the top main concern of most of the people and it should not come as a surprise to anyone that they are also the main health issue that every age group can face. You may think that if you have no pain then you are still healthy and good to go when in reality you are just at the brink of war in your mouth. Here are a few symptoms which can indicate cavity and ask for root canal treatment in Dubai:

  • Pain is the first and foremost cavity problem which most of the people face while having cavities. The pain can be sharp and acute at times or a dull throbbing pain in the gums or tooth itself which can both indicate cavity. There are different problems which you could be having but cavity is one of them in majority of the cases.
  • This pain is often signalled only when you eat something hard which requires a lot of pressure to be chewed down. The reason behind pain elaborating when you eat food is that the sensory nerve might be affected badly and when the pressure is put on the nerve you will shudder in pain. Try to find the intensity of the pain by touching the tooth and applying pressure on it. Book an appointment to your dentist immediately.
  • The biggest problem with cavities is that it drills a hole in your teeth which is an open cavity with lots of germs and bacteria breeding in it. Whenever you would eat something acidic or sugary, its particles will stay in there and the bacteria will feed on it. In this all you are most likely to have a bad taste or breathe in your mouth constantly so keep an eye out for this symptom as well.
  • Most of the people who face cavity are often sensitive to certain temperatures of cold and hot that can jolt the sensory nerves out of their habitat. This kind of sensory nerve can make the eating experience very bad and you could also be in constant pain.
  • After looking at all these symptoms just go in the mirror and take a look at the dark spot in your teeth and you will know that it is the cavity. Sometimes discoloration also happens so look out for that as well.

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