It is very easy to confuse two different terms such as contemporary and modern. Contemporary design means the current innovative style and structure that is popular right now whereas modern refers to a specific era in history which was known to be new and extraordinary. Though it is easy to confuse these two, it isn’t easy to incorporate both of them together in contemporary interior design Dubai with modern elements.

Here we have a few tips and ideas on how to get that done easily:

  • Neutral colours

There was an era of Victorian where each and every household comprised of murals and wallpapers. All different kinds of shades and shapes were on these wallpapers but not anymore. Modern era has brought neutral coloured walls with it that incorporates earthly and neutral tones together to form something different yet beautiful at the same time.

  • Sharp and simple

Modern designs include sharp lines all around the structure. Symmetric shapes with perfect sleek straight designs are what modern designers are aiming for. No more shapeless bean bags and no more funny looking chairs. Everything has changed and just by maintaining a sharp adjacent look you will notice a huge difference in the regular design.

  • Industrial elements

You must wonder what concretes and steel would have to do with a house until you see a concrete fireplace in your friend’s house and a steel railing covering all the high ends. Modernization evolved because of the ever changing industry and we think that it’s time to pay homage to them. They don’t only make the place look more chic but are also certainly a good building material.

  • De-cluttering

There is no need of that timeless couch that you have been eating, sleeping, reading and doing what not on. Get rid of any kind of excess furniture because even following minimalism means that you must only have things that you need not what you shouldn’t have even if you don’t use them or need them anymore. Judge yourself honestly and tell us what you think.

There are so many other things that could be included in contemporary style mixing the modern art and architecture in it. All you have to do is seek a professional to get your work done.

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