The concept of restaurants have been with us for many ages as it helps us to dine in with our family, friends, loved ones, and even with our colleagues to enjoy the food that the restaurant is giving out to their potential customers so they cannot only enjoy the company of one another but also enjoy the aroma and love the taste of the restaurant’s food respectively.

Although if we look back several years, we can see that there were restaurants in the ancient or early age too and the ancient civilization vows to have many stoppage routines where people can come in, eat food and have ale or rum to satisfy their needs, and can rest as well. 

One of these concepts mentioned in the renowned Netflix series “The Witcher” where we can see that Geralt of Rivia walks into a place in the first episode where he was confronted by some angry men because he asked for some food.

Although it was only a book which turned into a TV-Netflix Series, however, if we talk about facts then there is one such fact about a restaurant as old as the earth and that follows the traditional vantage point as well.

The oldest restaurant is in Boston, The US where people come and fill their needs of fresh oysters since 1826, called The Union Oyster House. You can buy the best restaurant furniture in Dubai. Although the restaurant is never an English word it was a French word. In its origin, they used the restaurant to describe some public houses where they served rich bouillons at taverns.

However, if you think that there is a restaurant as old as ancient mythology then there is one, and that resides in Spain. There is a restaurant that stands the same since 1725 named Botin Restaurant. You can buy cheap party lighting in Dubai.

Not only this, but some other restaurants of the world also claim themselves to be older than the Botin Restaurant of Madrid, Spain as one of them claims that it is since 803 in its origin called Stiftskeller ft. Peter in Salzburg, Austria – and another restaurant is Zum Franziskaner which resides in Stockholm, Sweden, and goes towards its origins way back in 1421. However, the fact of these three restaurants being which one is older is still a question but, all of them serve the best food in their corresponding places, respectively.