Office snack-rooms is considered a breathing room for some employees, especially when they need to refuel for a big task. With that, you need to ensure that your office snack-room is equipped with kitchen materials and pantry supplies.

If you are currently stocking and renovating your office pantry and snack room, here are some items and equipment that you need to purchase:

  1. Coffee machine

Coffee is a common beverage in the office. Every hour, employees go to pantry to brew their own coffee and take a sip. Since this is a very important equipment, you need to ensure that your pantry has the top-of-the-line coffee machine in Dubai to serve your coffee-loving employees. You may want to check the latest coffee equipment in the market or consult with managed pantry contractor to guide you on choosing the best coffee equipment.

  1. Snack racks

Apart from coffee, you need to provide your staff with sumptuous but health snacks to make sure that they are fueled to work and finish their task. You need to install a snack rack inside the space to house your office snacks and other treats. You also need to buy food containers to store these snacks. Be sure to pick containers that are air-tight to prevent food spoilage.

  1. Pantry utensils

Some employees do not bring their own utensils and rely on office pantries for supplies. So, be sure to cater to the needs of these employees. But be sure to go for utensils that are washable, rather than the disposable ones. This practice is more economical on your part and it can help encourage other employees to be more concerned with the environment. And it would be best if you can provide different silverware and cutleries for your staff.

  1. Cleaning materials

It is imperative for businesses to keep every space of their business place clean, especially the pantry. Keep in mind the people are using this space to eat their meals. It is a must that you keep it clean and germ-free to avoid health-related problems like diarrhea and salmonella.

  1. Comfy furnishings

You need to keep in mind that your employees are the ones who will benefit from this space. You need to ensure they feel comfortable when they use the pantry. A comfortable seating furnishings would make the space cozy.

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