When choosing a villa to live in during your vacations, it is highly recommended for you to acquire a bit of information about its interior design. This is because the villa interior design in Dubai is going to play an important role in creating the right ambiance to make your stay worth it.

The fact of the matter is that simplicity is extremely desirable these days in terms of modern interior design. It is for this reason that all modern interior spaces these days are very simple to understand and in their construction too. Here is a look into the different types of villa interior designs found today:

Traditional interiors

This term is particularly used when people find it hard to be more precise about a certain style. This is because when it comes to traditional homes, these can have a number of floor plan types. This can include double story homes, ranch floor plans and even 1 ½ floor home plans. In a number of villas, traditional house plans have several styles such as Victorian, colonial and country lumped together.

Victorian design

Named after the Victorian era, this interior design style is extremely feminine and frilly in nature. It boasts of heavy utilization of patterns based on flora designs. Apart from that, it is heavily concentrated of excessive usage of textiles, furniture carving, wallpapers, trims and a number of other embellishments. The fabrics used in the Victorian interior design are inclusive of needle points, damasks and velvets. Apart from that, the colors used most commonly in this type of interior design include bottle green, eggplant and red. In terms of wood, the ones used most commonly are inclusive of walnut, oak and mahogany. The utilization of patterned area rugs with a floral or oriental print is also very common.

French country design

The term French country designs is used to depict the concept of using a French design or way of living. The fact of the matter is that French decorations are very different. In this interior design concept, interior designers or interior turnkey solutions providers use accents of French style collections in terms of wall colors, fabrics and overall designs. The style is very colorful and full of flowers. The best part is that this form of interior design can be as elegant as you want. At the same time, if you want to add to its appeal, fine or rustic hardwoods can also be used.