Teas are an essential part of one’s life and daily diet and a tea addict can not spend their day without having a cup of their favourite tea.But it’s time that we upgrade our diet and move to something much healthier than regular tea and approve organic tea Dubai as our approach to healthy food Dubai.

Here we have a list of healthy organic tea brands that will prove to be the best decision of your life.

Little Red Cup Tea

Little red cup is a brand inspired by their travels across the globe and when this little family in Mane came across China and discovered loose leaf tea varieties, they knew that this had to be brought in knowledge to the world and spread this exotic flavor, sharing the richness of black, white, herbal and oolong tea.

These flavors are not only fancy sounding but also very flavorful and addictive to try. If you are from the States or Canada then you must try or travelling then little red cup tea should be on your definite shopping list.

Numi Organic Tea

A vast range of flavours offered in form of tea bags, loose leaf or even flowering tea in eco friendly packaging. They aim to produce such devouring flavors which are completely organic as stated and claimed in their 2016 report which is by far the best thing about this brand.

Their packaging contains a list of ingredients added in the tea and small background history of Numi Organic Tea which customers seem to love.


A small back story about tielka tea is that though it was launched in Queen’s land Autralia in 2009, but its roots run much deeper than that. Founder’s love for tea originated from Poland and ran far and wide in search of best ending up in China. A beautiful infusion of organic teas mixed together brought to dedicated tea lovers is a wish come true.

Mighty Leaf

A very keenly observed brand that is very picky in what they choose and whom they choose to represent their brand and that is the reason why their organic tea is available on specific stores online and in the market. Mighty leaf have been working hard to give the best of bests making their customers satisfied with their products and astonishing services.