Everyone needs to maintain a healthy diet in this advancing world and that is not easy when you do not have someone to deliver you the food that you like and you want, so don’t worry as we bring here a list of healthy food delivery Dubai company across the world to help you maintain your daily routine and keep you fit, see this here now:

Sun Basket

If you are a fan of vegan, paleo or gluten free diet then you may want to sign up at sun basket as their products are 99% organic and their seasonal seafood as well as other products have been approved by dietitians and the use completely organic as mentioned above with hormone free chemical diet which is best for anyone who is suffering from different kinds of diseases and want to take on the paleo diet.

Home Chef

If you don’t like take out services then choose home chef as they provide a 30 minute meal prep with simple yet wonderful tasting dishes such as sesame chicken, steak and potatoes, salmon bagels and other yummy meal prep ideas with all the ingredients provided for a little home cooking session with your family where you can bonds and still have fun.

Every Plate

Every plate is another home meal prep company which provides not an extensive list of food and menus to choose from – best for people who get confused with a lot of choices. Every plate comes with a cookbook and complete ingredients packed. Another benefit of this company is that they are extremely affordable which means it only cost $5 per serving and you get to cook homemade food.


Idea of homemade food may sound very tempting but if you are a person who runs away from cooking then freshly is the answer to all your problems. They provide you freshly cooked organic food on your doorstep and all you have to do is heat them in oven for 3 minutes and your food is ready to be devoured. Every recipe is gluten free and sugar free.

Purple Carrots

As suggested by its name purple carrots work to produce recipes which are entirely plant-based but are also packed with proteins, which is derived from different products like tofu, nuts and quinoa. Purple carrot have 30 minute meal prep time just like all the others were.