Solution to AV failures

Every presenter fears from the time when their hard work and restless nights put together in a perfect presentation turns to be disastrous when the AV stops working in the middle of the presentation or some technical fault occurs. These faults are very daunting and a nightmare for a presenter.

But don’t worry as we have now gathered all the problems in a single place to explain to you the reason behind their occurrence and how to fix them in no time. Also take preventive measure to ensure the safety early on so that you won’t have to worry about solving the problem.

Technicians are the best

If your budget allows, always remember technicians are the best investment one can ever make. They can help you in inspecting the gears you will be using, and also teach you a few tips and tricks about them. They can help you setup and if they are available on site then it is best as they can fix any issue which occurs in the middle of the presentation without consuming a lot of time and creating chaos. If you plan on using Audio Visual companies in UAE then they can stick around for more than two rounds of presentation to keep the AV in check. Also by spending more time with them, a sense of teamwork and friendship is created between the co workers.

Site Inspection

If you do plan on hiring a technician, make sure that like an event management agency Dubai, you also visit the site with technician so that you and your expert is well aware of the space and keep the gear in check and ready before the meeting. Also if possible, test every gear before the actual presentation begins so if there are any faults, you will be aware of them beforehand.

Prepare the Presentation

In between preparing and taking preventive measures to avoid a fiasco make sure that you remember to prepare your presentation early so that when the tests are running on the gear, the technician is well aware of what is going to come up and make adjustments accordingly. It will become a lot easier for you as well when you will know what and how things are working currently to help you in reducing the performance anxiety.