Everything requires cleaning. From homes to offices and everything in between needs to be thoroughly cleaned for its regular maintenance. Offices are not only an essential part of business but they are also a workstation which must be maintained and looked after.

There are several office cleaning company in Dubai which can get your work done quickly. You need to take care of the fact that these companies which are not highly known for their services and charges low cost does not always mean that their services won’t be upto mark like the ones with well known reputation.

Here is a guide to deep cleaning Dubai, how much it charges, how much time does it take and many other significant questions which may get out of mind while getting an office cleaning services.

Size Matters

While on the topic of office cleaning services we would say size does matter. The rates of office cleaning service may depend and vary upon sizes of the office and how much work you require to be done. Usually the rates are charged per hour with a small crew for offices ranging in 1200 to 2000 sq feet. As the size increases, so does office cleaning rates. Once your office reaches the mark of 2100 sq feet or above, companies may not anymore charge per hour but per sq feet.

Time that costs

If you are planning to get your office cleaned during the office hours, then it may cost you a bit more than the usual. Also, it is going to be very inconvenient for your staff members as well as the cleaning crew because they will be continuously disturbed by vacuuming and other tasks, affecting the progress and work hours as well.

Where as, if you choose to get your office cleaned on weekends or off hours then the prices may vary.


The cost of office cleaning depends on the state of your office – how much is the mess and how much time is it going to cost? The more messier the more detergents and equipment it is going to cost and thus the cleaning time also increases.

If your office is mildly or lightly dirty then it shouldn’t cost much but as the level of dirtiness increases the prices also start increasing.